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Advisor Focused

Advisor Focused

Thoroughbred Financial takes immense pride in delivering an exceptional level of service to our valued advisors. Our primary objective is to offer unparalleled support and assistance, ensuring that our advisors receive the highest standard of care. At Thoroughbred, we firmly believe in a white glove approach, allowing our advisors to concentrate on what truly matters—their business.

With us, advisors need never worry about navigating a maze of impersonal 1-800 numbers or chasing down elusive answers to their questions. We have taken it upon ourselves to handle those concerns, empowering our advisors to focus on their core business activities.

Our slogan, "Big enough to serve you, Small enough to know you," encapsulates our dedication to establishing meaningful connections with our advisors. We prioritize spending quality time with each advisor, fostering genuine relationships while delivering unparalleled service. Our advisors can rest assured that we are their foremost advocate, committed to providing the very best support possible.

Understanding Your Estate: Critical Elements of an Estate Strategy

Establishing an estate strategy is crucial, yet many wait too long to put their wishes in writing. Use this helpful guide to review your estate strategy and start conversations with your loved ones, financial professionals, and legal team.