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In-house Paraplanning

In-house Paraplanning

Thoroughbred Financial employs an in-house paraplanner who collaborates with our advisors to create and model financial plans for their clients. This streamlined process not only enhances business growth but also saves valuable time for our financial advisors. By leveraging our paraplanner's expertise, advisors are relieved of the burden of data entry and software familiarization  related to the financial planning process.

Our paraplanning process encompasses three essential steps: data gathering, data implementation, and client presentation. Initially, the advisor and client complete a fact finder, which serves as the foundation of the planning process. Once the fact finder is filled out, it is returned to the paraplanner. Subsequently, the paraplanner takes charge of inputting all the data into the planning software. To ensure accuracy, a meeting is scheduled between the paraplanner and the financial advisor.

During this meeting, the advisor and paraplanner discuss the plan's contents and the advisor's recommendations. The paraplanner incorporates these recommendations into the plan and prepares a final plan deliverable, which is then presented to the client. The culmination of this process is the final client meeting. In this meeting, the advisor has the flexibility to choose between delivering the plan digitally or in print. Furthermore, the advisor may opt to have the paraplanner present during the meeting to explain the software, reports, and navigate the planning software seamlessly.

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