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Lincoln Financial Securities

An Independent Broker-Dealer

Throughbred Financial is pleased to have Lincoln Financial Securities as our broker dealer. Having Lincoln Financial Securities (LFS) as our broker dealer allows our advisors access to full-service broker dealer support while maintaining full independence in their practice.

Client Centered

Although advisors are considered independent, Lincoln provides great resources and support to set advisors up for success. LFS offers personalized market branding, technology designed to streamline operations, annual meetings for continued education and networking opportunities, and practice strategies created to help grow your business.

LFS works with Thoroughbred to offer staff, trading, and product support. Thoroughbred compliments this by adding value through helping advisors maintain regulations and compliance, doing the back-office work, and performing audits on advisors. Advisors also have the opportunity to receive benefits such as a 401k plan, pension, health insurance, disability insurance, and more.

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