Why Thoroughbred?

With a management and staff team each bringing valuable experience and expertise, Thoroughbred understands what it takes for our advisors to succeed. Using a full spectrum of tools, technology, and experience, we put our advisors in the best position to serve their clients. Thoroughbred provides our advisors with advanced sales help and marketing programs that increase productivity and sales. Advisors also benefit from our connections in the industry that foster marketing programs, local alliances with professional firms, joint work opportunities, and a wide choice of contracts. With Lincoln as our primary carrier, we use their size and scale to give our advisors competitive underwriting and products. Partnering with Lincoln allows advisors to enjoy the luxury of being fully independent, all while having top of the line service through Lincoln's premier partner line.

Most importantly, Thoroughbred provides excellent service to our advisors. We fully believe in “earning the opportunity” to receive your business. With an in-house compliance officer, we provide the support and assistance advisors need to let their business flourish while leaving the worry to us. Thoroughbred anticipates and works proactively to ensure that our advisors have every need taken care of, so they can focus on what matters most, their clients.